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    Smart corporations take advantage of Southwest National Housing Agency’s cost effective rates and  comfortable accommodations.

    Our corporate accommodations are spacious, with fully equipped kitchens – pleasing even to the gourmet chef! With a simple phone call, we can also provide that perfect home office. Southwest National Housing Agency takes pride in providing the BEST temporary housing and your accommodations are personally tailored to suit every need.


    Whether you are faced with corporate growth, new employment opportunities or the unexpected – Southwest National Housing Agency will place you in a comfortable home away from home.

    • Convenient locations
    • Direct corporate billing is available
    • Flexible lease terms are available
    • No credit check
    • Service 24 hours a day
    • Lease options are available to suit every budget

    Call us, we can make it happen!
    (800) 819-9699

    What Others are Saying

    Melissa Kirk

    My husband and I suffered a devastating loss during the July storm – our entire house must now be rebuilt – and I do not know how we could possible have made it without Southwest Home Services. The apartment and furnishings you provided have obviously been our foundation for picking things up; however, we have been blessed with the comforting words, ongoing help , and genuine concern. My thanks to Southwest Home Services for the work you do and for employing outstanding individuals who are there to provide the physical necessities as well as the kind , calm words so needed by those of us in an upsetting situation. — Melissa Kirk

    Barbara Swearengen Holt

    I want to express my extreme satisfaction and gratitude of Southwest Home Services, Inc. and the services they provided to me over the past few months. Southwest Home Services, Inc. has taken the word “customer service” to a new level and I want to applaud Southwest Home Services, Inc. for their professional, efficient and superior performance.
    The thought of being displaced from my home for an extended period of time while repairs were being made on my home was quite distressful. An ordeal which could have been a burden was completely “hassle-free”. All of my needs were anticipated, particularly given the opportunity to concentrate on other matters while my living arrangement and other details were left in very capable hand.
    I would not hesitate to recommend Southwest Home Services, Inc. to anyone needing competent, expert facilitation of home needs. Please accept these comments and my thanks as a very satisfied customer.
    –Barbara Swearengen Holt
    Former Memphis City Councilwoman